6. Too Many Tabs Opened

I keep multiple windows minimized with many tabs opened on each window. I just can't close them. Otherwise I might forget about it and it saves time. I can always hop back on it when I need it. I have several bookmarks and collections of pictures on Pinterest, too. I've been storing them because "I … Continue reading 6. Too Many Tabs Opened

Day 130: Beating Heart

Going away for a month to spend time with family. I am lucky that my family has been nothing but supportive and understanding. They have been giving me a total respect for my life decisions and passions. I love them every bit. I can't wait to catch up with them and make great memories.   … Continue reading Day 130: Beating Heart

Day 122: Recharged with Love and Motivation

Changing the air in the room and the house regularly is important for health. It always feels great to replace the stale air with the fresh air. Our mind is the same. It is essential to refresh our mind once in awhile by changing the scenery or trying something new to stimulate our senses. Coming … Continue reading Day 122: Recharged with Love and Motivation

Day 110: A Big Bundle of Happiness

The universe sets you up with the best timing for everything, always. When you know exactly what you want and place an order to the universe, you receive exactly that.   My whole life has been always this way, and I just didn't know why I am so lucky, but since I've discovered about the … Continue reading Day 110: A Big Bundle of Happiness

Day 102: Genuine Kindness to Open All Doors

When you talk to and listen to every one with the same level of respect and care, magic happens. It could easily happen when things get busy at work, if someone irrelevant visits without a notice and wants to chit chat, it is very difficult to maintain the zen and be at the best we … Continue reading Day 102: Genuine Kindness to Open All Doors

Day 101: Milestone

A best moment when you send out a message with thoughts and get a response instantly. It just kept happening today. Today has been yet another grateful and wonderful day. Going to bed now for an important day tomorrow. Thank you universe. I feel so blessed and lucky.   Being grateful and adding values whenever … Continue reading Day 101: Milestone

Day 82: A Life Prediction by a Photo Scrapbook

Watch what you collect. Your collection becomes your reality in the future.   I have finally started sorting 7,000 pictures on my phone and had a grand time looking back on fun moments in the past. I have been (still!) using my iPhone 5 since it just came out, so there are 4 years worth … Continue reading Day 82: A Life Prediction by a Photo Scrapbook