Day 88: Vulnerability

It is always nice to be reminded by others that we are worthy. Being someone who is irreplaceable, worthy of spending time with, worth to be associated with or be seen with ... these bring us the feeling of happiness, proud, safety, acceptance, security and relief. We are social creatures. No one wants to be … Continue reading Day 88: Vulnerability

Day 39: Reading Feeds the Mind

Thankful for all the resources available for our mind to learn and grow. I absolutely love all the books, audiobooks and seminars that have allowed my mind to absorb and expand. There are millions and billions of people out there. But we don't get to meet everyone. There are also many opportunities. But not everyone … Continue reading Day 39: Reading Feeds the Mind

Day 19: Frequency and Vibration

Voice reveals so much. Volume. Speed. Tone. Voice colours the soul so that we can distinguish. Voice is the sound of a person's energy. "Voice is the window to the soul."   I have found a few good people with the vibe that agrees with mine. Grateful for a good moment and the people.   … Continue reading Day 19: Frequency and Vibration