Day 80: Good Intentions and Impacts

I was leaving the store. I saw a woman talking to a homeless man sitting in front of the store. It is not uncommon to see, but this very brief moment stood out to me for some reason. By the look on her face, she was clearly listening to him so intently. She was bending … Continue reading Day 80: Good Intentions and Impacts

Day 18: A Sea of Information

Thanks to Internet, getting information has never been easier. No matter where we are, information about anything in any language is possible to find as long as we have Internet connection. As much as it is such a great blessing, it is also very effortless to get lost in the sea of pouring information. It … Continue reading Day 18: A Sea of Information

Day 7: Friendship

My first friend in this city is leaving next Thursday. I won't see her until next time we meet each other again. No one knows when it is going to be, but this reminded me that all we have is now and we should cherish what we have when we have it. Thank you for … Continue reading Day 7: Friendship