Day 6: It’s Always Mutual

  We never thought "common sense" would ever need to be said to be true. But it is happening.     Pure Knowledge that is so necessary to succeed in life, but not commonly taught or even known, is golden. Those are the things that you only get to hear from the good parents.   Meeting … Continue reading Day 6: It’s Always Mutual

Day 3: Better Version of Me

This winter has been special. Every day is special, but I must highlight how beautifully painful this experience has been to me and how wonderfully it has strengthened me this winter.     I fell pretty hard. It was premature to call it Love, but Like wasn't strong enough to describe how I was feeling. The emotions had … Continue reading Day 3: Better Version of Me

Day 133: Transparent Happiness

We more often than we should refrain ourselves from showing affection or expressing appreciation, because we want to save our face or protect ego. In case we don't get the same back in return, we just don't start at all. Is it worth it? I think not. We sometimes miss the timing to apologize as … Continue reading Day 133: Transparent Happiness

Day 119: Writing My Own Price Tag

There are many things that people do and can get away with. They might not be necessarily harmful or damaging anything directly, but they do hurt something. That is Integrity.   I could do something else at work when things are slow, but I look for other things that I could do for work first … Continue reading Day 119: Writing My Own Price Tag

Day 100: Grateful and Humble

I can't believe I've been posting every day for 100 days now. This is such an accomplishment for me and it makes me so proud! There were some times where I felt like 'Ugh I just wanna go to bed right now. Why should I do this?' or just didn't have anything to say off … Continue reading Day 100: Grateful and Humble

Day 84: Simple Truth Tremendous Impact

Trust the timing of your life. Trust that everything will work out. Trust that all will be taken care of and there is nothing to worry about. Be grateful about everything. Stay current with your inner self. Take time to listen to yourself. Be kind to yourself.   Thankful for the confidence I feel and … Continue reading Day 84: Simple Truth Tremendous Impact

Day 52: Real Beauty Glows From Within

A genuine smile decorates any face nicely. People with kindness, confidence or a sense of humour are attractive regardless the appearance. They can smile the brightest and the biggest with a piece of lettuce in the front teeth while looking still gorgeous. This childlike, untainted honesty often deepens their quality. Youth or beauty has expiry, … Continue reading Day 52: Real Beauty Glows From Within