Day 109: This Time of Year

I visit my family every Christmas. I would love to go see them more often and it has been one of my biggest motivations to become financially independent. Especially, for those times when mum needs me the most...going to a doctor's office for treatments or going through severe physical pains here and there. I would … Continue reading Day 109: This Time of Year

Day 56: Taking Inventory of Myself

Knowing who I am has been truly empowering. It has made me able to remain who I am more comfortably regardless the surroundings. Taking control of my inner peace Now I know clearly about my likes, dislikes, strengths, boundaries, and limitations. I can respect others' inner peace better, because I know where mine sits. Taking … Continue reading Day 56: Taking Inventory of Myself

Day 31: Relaxation Creates Creativity

I have been trying to use my evening time devoted to my own projects. I have worked 9-5 and studied 6-9 while hitting the gym first thing in the morning everyday for a year before. I've done it successfully and can do it again. Well, sorta. I am still making some progress slowly but surely. … Continue reading Day 31: Relaxation Creates Creativity