16. Reality Shaped by Thoughts

Reality has no shape. It's like water. In the meantime, our thoughts are like a jug or a glass that holds the water and shaped it while holding it. Everyone is different, that's why even if two people had gone through the exact same situation, how they verdicts are totally different. My current situation could … Continue reading 16. Reality Shaped by Thoughts

13. Daily Renewal

I used to think way ahead and feel anxious about how unprepared I was. It is so true that when we live in the future, it makes us anxious and when we live in the past, it makes us depressed. Since I take my life day by day, things have changed. First, I don't worry … Continue reading 13. Daily Renewal

6. Too Many Tabs Opened

I keep multiple windows minimized with many tabs opened on each window. I just can't close them. Otherwise I might forget about it and it saves time. I can always hop back on it when I need it. I have several bookmarks and collections of pictures on Pinterest, too. I've been storing them because "I … Continue reading 6. Too Many Tabs Opened

Day 111: High on Happiness

White heat of burning desire. Only way to make it happen. No room for messing around. Focus is everything. It makes things happen. Where focus goes, energy flows. When you stop holding back and be true to yourself, that's when things really happen.   I have been always trying to plan things out and calculate … Continue reading Day 111: High on Happiness