Day 92: Bullet Proof Happiness

I truly believe that deep down everyone is a good person. People react and handle situations differently. It is not difficult to find people who make poor decisions and move by wrong motives, but it shouldn't be a reason to lose faith in humanity, because we are all work in progress. We just happen to … Continue reading Day 92: Bullet Proof Happiness

Day 90: Circle of Life

I am very lucky to have mom like mine. She has taught me and shown me the greatest values since I was little. Not much words were said, and instead she would demonstrate in daily life. I believe that visual learning is the most powerful and lasting way to learn. The real life examples tend … Continue reading Day 90: Circle of Life

Day 47: A Clean Road After the Storm

My good friend is going through a hard time. I know it is only temporary and he is strong enough to overcome it and use it as a tool to become stronger. I am trying hard to get this message through him and encouraging him every way possible. I will continue to listen and give … Continue reading Day 47: A Clean Road After the Storm