Day 97: Evolution Through Experiments and Lessons

Summer of 2012: Eating healthy brings about more than just a healthier body. Since I became more conscious about what I eat, I have become a new person. How I think and feel is different than before. I have a clearer consciousness which allows me to make better decision. I am more in tuned with … Continue reading Day 97: Evolution Through Experiments and Lessons

Day 92: Bullet Proof Happiness

I truly believe that deep down everyone is a good person. People react and handle situations differently. It is not difficult to find people who make poor decisions and move by wrong motives, but it shouldn't be a reason to lose faith in humanity, because we are all work in progress. We just happen to … Continue reading Day 92: Bullet Proof Happiness

Day 90: Circle of Life

I am very lucky to have mom like mine. She has taught me and shown me the greatest values since I was little. Not much words were said, and instead she would demonstrate in daily life. I believe that visual learning is the most powerful and lasting way to learn. The real life examples tend … Continue reading Day 90: Circle of Life

Day 44: Budgeting Time

"How to move a mountain: Step 1. Start carrying small stones."   30 minutes of commute, 30 minutes of coffee break and, 60 minutes of lunch break every day... It seems so insignificant, but those two hours a day add up very quickly and become a big chunk of life: 2 hrs a day x … Continue reading Day 44: Budgeting Time

Day 35: Reset Button

I am amending things with my dad. There have been a few occasions that are not so great and our relationship has been far from ideal. I wanted to fix it and he had reciprocated. I am glad that I still have a chance to change things with him. It has been the opposite of … Continue reading Day 35: Reset Button