10. Life Shaped by the Top Value

Every decision we make is based on our values. Almost all of us want to be rich, but only 1% actually possess the wealth. Why is that? Because not everyone values accumulating wealth as the top priority. Wishes and necessity aren't the same after all. After going through the value determination process by John Demartini, … Continue reading 10. Life Shaped by the Top Value

4. Butterfly Effect

Jim Rohn has said that murder has a life altering impact and it happens to be a negative impact. There are also things that impact positively and change one's life forever. Early July last year, I was frustrated. In January to March, I was putting all my time and energy into my projects for my goals, … Continue reading 4. Butterfly Effect

Day 131: Heart Balloon

The weather in Vancouver and Calgary has been quite extreme.  Especially Vancouver has been rainy relentlessly for such a long time and now it snowed heavily which is unusual as far as I know. I thought I will never see snow in my address being right next to the seawall, but I guess I should remember to … Continue reading Day 131: Heart Balloon

Day 74: Being in Charge

Grateful for the freedom I have. I am free to pick and choose how I live my life and what I can make of it. Grateful for the joy I have. I love making progress everyday with my body, love what I do and what I learn everyday, love my surroundings, love the weather and … Continue reading Day 74: Being in Charge

Day 34: Daily Meeting with the Most Important Person in the World

Reality doesn't determine happiness. It solely depends on a person's attitude and perspective.   Reality is perceived differently to everyone even with the exact same situation. Perception decides what it means to each every person.   Interpretation is crucial. No matter what happened, it is what is going to stay in the mind for good. … Continue reading Day 34: Daily Meeting with the Most Important Person in the World