Day 130: Beating Heart

Going away for a month to spend time with family. I am lucky that my family has been nothing but supportive and understanding. They have been giving me a total respect for my life decisions and passions. I love them every bit. I can't wait to catch up with them and make great memories.   … Continue reading Day 130: Beating Heart

Day 67: Mosaic

In my first or second week in Vancouver, I went to a hair salon and met a girl who was a hairdresser there. That was when my mom and I were talking about how my brother should start looking and settle down or he should continue to focus on his career. While I was asking … Continue reading Day 67: Mosaic

Day 27: Healthy Eating as well as Healthy Meeting

I heard it from somewhere that traveling is not about where, it's about with whom. In the case of traveling alone, it would be whoever comes in contact during the trip. I used to focus more on the activity other than company: I have gone on a date knowing that I am not that into … Continue reading Day 27: Healthy Eating as well as Healthy Meeting