Day 133: Transparent Happiness

We more often than we should refrain ourselves from showing affection or expressing appreciation, because we want to save our face or protect ego. In case we don't get the same back in return, we just don't start at all. Is it worth it? I think not. We sometimes miss the timing to apologize as … Continue reading Day 133: Transparent Happiness

Day 64: Reminder of Limitlessness

Everyone has goals and dreams. Thanks to Internet, all the information about anything is available for free. We just postpone to take actions because we are fearful. What are we so afraid of? Losing, embarrassment, hurting and etc. But they are all imaginary. None of them are happening in reality. Often we know exactly what … Continue reading Day 64: Reminder of Limitlessness

Day 47: A Clean Road After the Storm

My good friend is going through a hard time. I know it is only temporary and he is strong enough to overcome it and use it as a tool to become stronger. I am trying hard to get this message through him and encouraging him every way possible. I will continue to listen and give … Continue reading Day 47: A Clean Road After the Storm

Day 17: Fair Share

I am private and could be competitive. I tend to keep things to myself. Especially when something is very useful, I keep my audience small and share it only with my family and close friends as if it is a treasure. But being cooperative feels better on my soul than being competitive. Giving always leaves … Continue reading Day 17: Fair Share

Day 11: Chemistry

I strongly believe that the feeling you have about a person is almost always transferred to that person no matter how well we think we can hide it. And the feeling is usually mutual. If I like someone, the person will likely like me back. She or he can feel it by my demeanor. If … Continue reading Day 11: Chemistry