Day 137: Only Think in Opulence

Uncertainty is often scary. We all want security and need to feel safe before anything. When it comes to money, having steady income is what many give up on following their dreams for. Because leaving a job that provides bi-weekly paycheques no matter what means not having the comfort of receiving the money regularly. It … Continue reading Day 137: Only Think in Opulence

Day 130: Beating Heart

Going away for a month to spend time with family. I am lucky that my family has been nothing but supportive and understanding. They have been giving me a total respect for my life decisions and passions. I love them every bit. I can't wait to catch up with them and make great memories.   … Continue reading Day 130: Beating Heart

Day 126: Contentment

Being in charge feels great. I steer the ship and I make the decisions. I go where I want to go and get what I want to get. Currents make the ship go up and down which makes the journey more fun and interesting. A boat at the shore is safe. But a boat wasn't … Continue reading Day 126: Contentment

Day 113: Free Yourself

Take yourself lightly. Be able to laugh at yourself. Let go of unnecessary pride. Harmony always comes first. If you must choose, choose to be kind than right.   When you are passionate about something, you just can't play hard to get.   No more head games and ego competition. Vulnerability creates true bond that … Continue reading Day 113: Free Yourself

Day 111: High on Happiness

White heat of burning desire. Only way to make it happen. No room for messing around. Focus is everything. It makes things happen. Where focus goes, energy flows. When you stop holding back and be true to yourself, that's when things really happen.   I have been always trying to plan things out and calculate … Continue reading Day 111: High on Happiness

Day 108: Living Passionately Leaves No Regret

When the urge to fulfill desire hits you like a tide, it is not possible to stop it. You might have had a perfect plan for it in advanced. There are certain things that we are supposed to do and not to in terms of timing. But life never happens the way we expected or … Continue reading Day 108: Living Passionately Leaves No Regret

Day 36: Like Attracts Like

I am very goal-oriented and driven. I set my goals higher every time I achieve them. I believe in never ending improvement. I choose to leave the comfort zone for more growth than settle for comfort any day. Today I got to meet someone whose whole life has been going after dreams and visions. He … Continue reading Day 36: Like Attracts Like