Day 5: Put Yourself on the Fastlane

I had such a great time with a good friend today. I have been wanting to try mount biking since I moved here, but it just didn't happen. But it finally happened with a down-to-earth friend like her, and it turned out to be totally my thing! I loved it! I am so grateful that … Continue reading Day 5: Put Yourself on the Fastlane

Day 3: Better Version of Me

This winter has been special. Every day is special, but I must highlight how beautifully painful this experience has been to me and how wonderfully it has strengthened me this winter.     I fell pretty hard. It was premature to call it Love, but Like wasn't strong enough to describe how I was feeling. The emotions had … Continue reading Day 3: Better Version of Me

Day 107: New Me

Getting up early in the morning used to be the hardest thing for me to do. Now it has become a routine of mine. It feels so great to be up and going towards my goals earlier than anybody else. Not that I am competing, but just that being different from majority of people makes … Continue reading Day 107: New Me

Day 78: New Every Layer Like an Onion

When you are in 20's, you are going to feel like you are going 20km/h. In your 30's, it will feel like going 30km/h. In your 40's, it will feel like going 40km/h. In your 80's, it will be like you are going 80km/h. It's too fast to enjoy the scenery. Look around, and appreciate … Continue reading Day 78: New Every Layer Like an Onion

Day 24: Improving Everyday

It is surprising how much I have changed within past eleven months. Everyone changes over time but I personally changed rapidly and quite drastically inside out.   Now I think differently and feel differently. I certainly react differently now than how I would have a year ago towards the same certain situations. I don't let … Continue reading Day 24: Improving Everyday