Day 1: Round 3? Facing the Elephant!

I've lost count. Well either it's the third time starting over or the fourth, I'm doing this again, because finishing a challenge feels great. I've just finished a 30 videos in 30 days daily posting challenge on Youtube and I got to see myself learning a lot and making improvements. I was basically forced to … Continue reading Day 1: Round 3? Facing the Elephant!

Day 118: Presence is a Present

Time is the most essential ingredient in any success. It tests, solidifies and buffers.   Things that are valuable doesn't come instantly. they usually requires patience and this gets rid of flakes. Time strengthens existing foundation. The universe take her time in operation. It always brings about the best results and has only our best … Continue reading Day 118: Presence is a Present

Day 72: All Different But All Beautiful

One of my goals is to learn multiple languages. I love to know about every culture and since language is the essence of a culture (besides food!), I am aiming to obtain ability to communicate in several languages well enough to carry basic conversations and get by alone in the respective countries. Language is a … Continue reading Day 72: All Different But All Beautiful

Day 67: Mosaic

In my first or second week in Vancouver, I went to a hair salon and met a girl who was a hairdresser there. That was when my mom and I were talking about how my brother should start looking and settle down or he should continue to focus on his career. While I was asking … Continue reading Day 67: Mosaic