Day 122: Recharged with Love and Motivation

Changing the air in the room and the house regularly is important for health. It always feels great to replace the stale air with the fresh air. Our mind is the same. It is essential to refresh our mind once in awhile by changing the scenery or trying something new to stimulate our senses. Coming … Continue reading Day 122: Recharged with Love and Motivation

Day 101: Milestone

A best moment when you send out a message with thoughts and get a response instantly. It just kept happening today. Today has been yet another grateful and wonderful day. Going to bed now for an important day tomorrow. Thank you universe. I feel so blessed and lucky.   Being grateful and adding values whenever … Continue reading Day 101: Milestone

Day 67: Mosaic

In my first or second week in Vancouver, I went to a hair salon and met a girl who was a hairdresser there. That was when my mom and I were talking about how my brother should start looking and settle down or he should continue to focus on his career. While I was asking … Continue reading Day 67: Mosaic