Day 77: It Has Just Begun

The problem is not about lack of motivation. It's about lack of execution.   My MM members and I today explored the idea about how to overcome mental challenges along with other subjects. This particular topic stood out for me because it has been number one thing to tackle for myself too. "No time due … Continue reading Day 77: It Has Just Begun

Day 43: Ideas are Everywhere

Let say there were two children watched the same TV show as they grew up. Would they both have experienced the same effect from it? One might have been inspired by acting and wanted to become an actor while the other was intrigued by the plot and started writing stories. Two people walk down the … Continue reading Day 43: Ideas are Everywhere

Day 35: Reset Button

I am amending things with my dad. There have been a few occasions that are not so great and our relationship has been far from ideal. I wanted to fix it and he had reciprocated. I am glad that I still have a chance to change things with him. It has been the opposite of … Continue reading Day 35: Reset Button

Day 9: Time is a Currency of Life

I have decided to enroll in a program which will help me kick start with my ideas and projects. If I join for the next month, I can save about 48%. But within a month so much can happen. Delaying my progress on the back burner is not something that I am willing to pay. … Continue reading Day 9: Time is a Currency of Life

Day 3: My Very First Presentation

One day I have come across this question: Would you still do what you do if money wasn't involved?   Well. The time I had encountered with this question was when I was still deep in the rat race (unknowingly) and climbing up the Corporate ladder vigorously. I used to think that if I finally … Continue reading Day 3: My Very First Presentation