Day 135: Vegan Journey Evaluation

I've gone vegan since February last year. I started initially for my health, but I stayed for animals and nature. One year mark is coming up very soon and I am looking back to review how it has been and how I'm going to do going forward.   Many have asked me how hard it … Continue reading Day 135: Vegan Journey Evaluation

Day 121: Colourful

We are supposed to only compare us to ourselves in the past, not to someone else. We are all writing our own book and everyone is going at their own pace in different orders.   When I was working at a Law firm, I met a good friend there. She was very similar to me: … Continue reading Day 121: Colourful

Day 82: A Life Prediction by a Photo Scrapbook

Watch what you collect. Your collection becomes your reality in the future.   I have finally started sorting 7,000 pictures on my phone and had a grand time looking back on fun moments in the past. I have been (still!) using my iPhone 5 since it just came out, so there are 4 years worth … Continue reading Day 82: A Life Prediction by a Photo Scrapbook

Day 22: Fully Loaded

Napoleon Hill was waiting for an urgent mail to come. He knew it had arrived and he was determined to get it. The post master who was also his good friend told him that unfortunately he won't be able to receive it today unless he chases the postman down. He obtained the postman's route from … Continue reading Day 22: Fully Loaded