Day 126: Contentment

Being in charge feels great. I steer the ship and I make the decisions. I go where I want to go and get what I want to get. Currents make the ship go up and down which makes the journey more fun and interesting. A boat at the shore is safe. But a boat wasn't … Continue reading Day 126: Contentment


Day 82: A Life Prediction by a Photo Scrapbook

Watch what you collect. Your collection becomes your reality in the future.   I have finally started sorting 7,000 pictures on my phone and had a grand time looking back on fun moments in the past. I have been (still!) using my iPhone 5 since it just came out, so there are 4 years worth … Continue reading Day 82: A Life Prediction by a Photo Scrapbook

Day 14: Forgiveness

I am having a very important phone call tonight. It's going to be about reminiscing old memories, sharing deep inner thoughts, being bare-naked honest about everything and eventually forgiving each other.   When I was little, I was a daddy's girl. I stayed up late or got up from my bed to greet him coming … Continue reading Day 14: Forgiveness