Day 123: Counting the Blessings

Thankful for the people around me who have been caring and genuine. Thankful for the mistakes I have made so far which have been humbling, awakening and refreshing. Thankful for the nature I get to live in.  It has been nurturing and breathtakingly beautiful. Thankful for my body that has been such a great place … Continue reading Day 123: Counting the Blessings

Day 116: Heart Fully Recharged

This weekend has been my favourite this whole year so far. It's a good feeling when you find yourself among the people whom you totally trust and you absolutely enjoy spending your precious time with, enjoying a great time and feeling connected. I have been very lucky to have met some awesome individuals in Vancouver. … Continue reading Day 116: Heart Fully Recharged

Day 115: Mental Sharpener Moments

Parkinson's Law: Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.   Procrastination kills more dreams than actual obstacles. Once it's allowed, it becomes a monster and dreams disappear into thin air. It is very sad and such a waste for the human race. Self discipline has never been more important with all the … Continue reading Day 115: Mental Sharpener Moments

Day 79: A Stick as a Tool or a Weapon

I have heard from several people that it is difficult to make friends in Vancouver. I thought so in my first couple of months, but it's been 13 months being here now and I can confidently say that it is in fact the opposite. Because of the city's reputation, people are more willing to make … Continue reading Day 79: A Stick as a Tool or a Weapon

Day 38: Simple Things

Happy to wake up in a healthy body; Happy to count my blessing first thing in the morning; Happy to head to the gym and train my body or also happy to choose to sleep in from time to time and still feeling happy about it; Happy to fuel my body with nutritious food and … Continue reading Day 38: Simple Things