Day 131: Heart Balloon

The weather in Vancouver and Calgary has been quite extreme.  Especially Vancouver has been rainy relentlessly for such a long time and now it snowed heavily which is unusual as far as I know. I thought I will never see snow in my address being right next to the seawall, but I guess I should remember to … Continue reading Day 131: Heart Balloon

Day 129: Understanding Time = Understanding Life

When I was younger, I didn't really think about the value of my time. I have gone out or met someone/people only because I was bored or felt bad to reject. I have shared my stories or listened to others' just to fill the time. Now everything is different to me. My default answer is … Continue reading Day 129: Understanding Time = Understanding Life

Day 124: My Turn

When I was a kid, I had no fear when my mom was near me. She was very gentle and loving, but she was also capable of being invincible and feisty when she needed to protect us. I would like to see more of fire within her lately as she has been going through some … Continue reading Day 124: My Turn

Day 106: Thank When You Can

Sharing multiplies the joy and happiness. I have a serious sweet tooth and it has been a torture for me to be around all the treats in my face all day at work. Luckily, I was strong enough to not give in and have a bite out of those sinfully delicious white sugar/corn syrup filled … Continue reading Day 106: Thank When You Can

Day 90: Circle of Life

I am very lucky to have mom like mine. She has taught me and shown me the greatest values since I was little. Not much words were said, and instead she would demonstrate in daily life. I believe that visual learning is the most powerful and lasting way to learn. The real life examples tend … Continue reading Day 90: Circle of Life

Day 84: Simple Truth Tremendous Impact

Trust the timing of your life. Trust that everything will work out. Trust that all will be taken care of and there is nothing to worry about. Be grateful about everything. Stay current with your inner self. Take time to listen to yourself. Be kind to yourself.   Thankful for the confidence I feel and … Continue reading Day 84: Simple Truth Tremendous Impact

Day 71: Special Ordinary Day

Adding value is a win-win. Going extra miles creates excitement and pride. Being kind puts a smile on the face. Being honest brings out the bond. Taking things lightly eases the mind. Listening always teaches something. Showing gratitude warms the heart. Focusing on the bright side simplifies things for the better. Patience deepens the mind. … Continue reading Day 71: Special Ordinary Day