Day 85: Small Win Big Satisfaction

This summer has been my first in Vancouver. I visited Spanish Banks and Jericho Beach Park and really enjoyed the run, the beach, and everything about it there. It is such a beautiful area. Since running 10k has been one of my goals, I have been meaning to run from my place to there for a … Continue reading Day 85: Small Win Big Satisfaction


Day 73: Bumble Bee Humble Me

Today has been humbling. Confidence is necessary and important, but the key to utilize it as a benefit is to balance it well with gratitude. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. When the balance is broken, it will sting like a bee!   One thing I need to work on myself: I … Continue reading Day 73: Bumble Bee Humble Me

Day 53: Work in Progress

Ever since I've discovered Tony Robbins, I have never stopped listening to seminars and audio books. They have such tremendous values and it has been personally life changing for me. So naturally I started looking into seminars in my neighbourhood to attend and there was one that got my attention. I have been mostly going … Continue reading Day 53: Work in Progress

Day 46: Mistakes Make Me Better

Mistakes are wonderful. They are like weights for bodybuilding. They are essential for growth even though they don't feel like it in the middle of it.   From time to time we make irrational decisions in a hurry or as an attempt to save time/money/effort/face. Even when doing so isn't aligned with our integrity, we … Continue reading Day 46: Mistakes Make Me Better