Day 129: Understanding Time = Understanding Life

When I was younger, I didn't really think about the value of my time. I have gone out or met someone/people only because I was bored or felt bad to reject. I have shared my stories or listened to others' just to fill the time. Now everything is different to me. My default answer is … Continue reading Day 129: Understanding Time = Understanding Life

Day 116: Heart Fully Recharged

This weekend has been my favourite this whole year so far. It's a good feeling when you find yourself among the people whom you totally trust and you absolutely enjoy spending your precious time with, enjoying a great time and feeling connected. I have been very lucky to have met some awesome individuals in Vancouver. … Continue reading Day 116: Heart Fully Recharged

Day 50: We are One

As I get older, I understand more and more about human nature and relationships. Maybe it has nothing to do with my age but the books that I have been reading, but either way now I am more comfortable about myself, my emotions when I meet new people or making conversations. I strongly believe that … Continue reading Day 50: We are One

Day 21: Faces

We see many different faces every day. Smiling, frowning, relaxed, tensed and so on. What face do I put on when I walk down the street? Do I appear to be the person I really am? Or do I get caught up in the emotion at the moment and showcase it for the world to … Continue reading Day 21: Faces