Day 119: Writing My Own Price Tag

There are many things that people do and can get away with. They might not be necessarily harmful or damaging anything directly, but they do hurt something. That is Integrity.   I could do something else at work when things are slow, but I look for other things that I could do for work first … Continue reading Day 119: Writing My Own Price Tag

Day 113: Free Yourself

Take yourself lightly. Be able to laugh at yourself. Let go of unnecessary pride. Harmony always comes first. If you must choose, choose to be kind than right.   When you are passionate about something, you just can't play hard to get.   No more head games and ego competition. Vulnerability creates true bond that … Continue reading Day 113: Free Yourself

Day 100: Grateful and Humble

I can't believe I've been posting every day for 100 days now. This is such an accomplishment for me and it makes me so proud! There were some times where I felt like 'Ugh I just wanna go to bed right now. Why should I do this?' or just didn't have anything to say off … Continue reading Day 100: Grateful and Humble

Day 80: Good Intentions and Impacts

I was leaving the store. I saw a woman talking to a homeless man sitting in front of the store. It is not uncommon to see, but this very brief moment stood out to me for some reason. By the look on her face, she was clearly listening to him so intently. She was bending … Continue reading Day 80: Good Intentions and Impacts

Day 76: Good Pain

My father and I have reconnected and become more aware of each side of the story. Despite our good intention and hard attempt, some things are still rocky given the time apart. But it's getting better. Today, I opened up a little more and shared some of my stories. He has answered my questions and … Continue reading Day 76: Good Pain

Day 46: Mistakes Make Me Better

Mistakes are wonderful. They are like weights for bodybuilding. They are essential for growth even though they don't feel like it in the middle of it.   From time to time we make irrational decisions in a hurry or as an attempt to save time/money/effort/face. Even when doing so isn't aligned with our integrity, we … Continue reading Day 46: Mistakes Make Me Better

Day 17: Fair Share

I am private and could be competitive. I tend to keep things to myself. Especially when something is very useful, I keep my audience small and share it only with my family and close friends as if it is a treasure. But being cooperative feels better on my soul than being competitive. Giving always leaves … Continue reading Day 17: Fair Share