8. Which Label Do I Have?

I went vegan in February 2016. Until then I was actually on Paleo diet where I ate meat 4 times a day. But just one day something clicked and I just didn't see meat on my plate as food anymore. I didn't even want to eat eggs anymore, either. I had already stopped drinking cow … Continue reading 8. Which Label Do I Have?

Day 135: Vegan Journey Evaluation

I've gone vegan since February last year. I started initially for my health, but I stayed for animals and nature. One year mark is coming up very soon and I am looking back to review how it has been and how I'm going to do going forward.   Many have asked me how hard it … Continue reading Day 135: Vegan Journey Evaluation

Day 126: Contentment

Being in charge feels great. I steer the ship and I make the decisions. I go where I want to go and get what I want to get. Currents make the ship go up and down which makes the journey more fun and interesting. A boat at the shore is safe. But a boat wasn't … Continue reading Day 126: Contentment

Day 97: Evolution Through Experiments and Lessons

Summer of 2012: Eating healthy brings about more than just a healthier body. Since I became more conscious about what I eat, I have become a new person. How I think and feel is different than before. I have a clearer consciousness which allows me to make better decision. I am more in tuned with … Continue reading Day 97: Evolution Through Experiments and Lessons

Day 6: My Power Source

My brother is the most thoughtful human being I know. He is sensitive, detail-oriented, sentimental and imaginative. He is only four years older than me, but as I was growing up, it felt like a huge difference to me. Because of him, boys in my school couldn't tease me and girls wanted to be friends … Continue reading Day 6: My Power Source