15. Trimming For Growth

In order to earn more, we need to get over the fear of losing. Downsizing allows us to become lean and results in more growth in the right places. And it counts for growing wealth, human relationships, and even just growing hair. Cleaning up is necessary. Carrying around the unnecessary costs us. It is not … Continue reading 15. Trimming For Growth

Day 108: Living Passionately Leaves No Regret

When the urge to fulfill desire hits you like a tide, it is not possible to stop it. You might have had a perfect plan for it in advanced. There are certain things that we are supposed to do and not to in terms of timing. But life never happens the way we expected or … Continue reading Day 108: Living Passionately Leaves No Regret

Day 96: Challenge Accepted

If you listen to your intuition, it will only result in putting you towards the direction you've been wanting to go. The vibes can be felt regardless the distance or methods. The energy can travel anywhere ever freely. I've been in contact with such a challenge accompanied with a great enthusiasm that happened to be … Continue reading Day 96: Challenge Accepted