Day 2. Self-care is the Best Gift

Today has been a relaxing day. I slept in, took care of some banking and tax stuff, and purchased another flight ticket. Because my day ended up starting at 10 a.m., I had such a short day. That's why I love early mornings and always (well almost always) get up early in the morning. When … Continue reading Day 2. Self-care is the Best Gift

Day 88: Vulnerability

It is always nice to be reminded by others that we are worthy. Being someone who is irreplaceable, worthy of spending time with, worth to be associated with or be seen with ... these bring us the feeling of happiness, proud, safety, acceptance, security and relief. We are social creatures. No one wants to be … Continue reading Day 88: Vulnerability

Day 81: Staying Stimulated

Grateful for the freedom to choose how my morning, day, life is going to be; Grateful for my surroundings such as the nature, the city, the people, the work, the culture, the infrastructure, the society, the energy, the country, the climate, and the world; Grateful for my ability to use my own mind, to have … Continue reading Day 81: Staying Stimulated

Day 36: Like Attracts Like

I am very goal-oriented and driven. I set my goals higher every time I achieve them. I believe in never ending improvement. I choose to leave the comfort zone for more growth than settle for comfort any day. Today I got to meet someone whose whole life has been going after dreams and visions. He … Continue reading Day 36: Like Attracts Like