Day 106: Thank When You Can

Sharing multiplies the joy and happiness. I have a serious sweet tooth and it has been a torture for me to be around all the treats in my face all day at work. Luckily, I was strong enough to not give in and have a bite out of those sinfully delicious white sugar/corn syrup filled … Continue reading Day 106: Thank When You Can

Day 102: Genuine Kindness to Open All Doors

When you talk to and listen to every one with the same level of respect and care, magic happens. It could easily happen when things get busy at work, if someone irrelevant visits without a notice and wants to chit chat, it is very difficult to maintain the zen and be at the best we … Continue reading Day 102: Genuine Kindness to Open All Doors

Day 17: Fair Share

I am private and could be competitive. I tend to keep things to myself. Especially when something is very useful, I keep my audience small and share it only with my family and close friends as if it is a treasure. But being cooperative feels better on my soul than being competitive. Giving always leaves … Continue reading Day 17: Fair Share