Day 1: Round 3? Facing the Elephant!

I've lost count. Well either it's the third time starting over or the fourth, I'm doing this again, because finishing a challenge feels great. I've just finished a 30 videos in 30 days daily posting challenge on Youtube and I got to see myself learning a lot and making improvements. I was basically forced to … Continue reading Day 1: Round 3? Facing the Elephant!

Day 129: Understanding Time = Understanding Life

When I was younger, I didn't really think about the value of my time. I have gone out or met someone/people only because I was bored or felt bad to reject. I have shared my stories or listened to others' just to fill the time. Now everything is different to me. My default answer is … Continue reading Day 129: Understanding Time = Understanding Life

Day 123: Counting the Blessings

Thankful for the people around me who have been caring and genuine. Thankful for the mistakes I have made so far which have been humbling, awakening and refreshing. Thankful for the nature I get to live in.  It has been nurturing and breathtakingly beautiful. Thankful for my body that has been such a great place … Continue reading Day 123: Counting the Blessings

Day 121: Colourful

We are supposed to only compare us to ourselves in the past, not to someone else. We are all writing our own book and everyone is going at their own pace in different orders.   When I was working at a Law firm, I met a good friend there. She was very similar to me: … Continue reading Day 121: Colourful

Day 118: Presence is a Present

Time is the most essential ingredient in any success. It tests, solidifies and buffers.   Things that are valuable doesn't come instantly. they usually requires patience and this gets rid of flakes. Time strengthens existing foundation. The universe take her time in operation. It always brings about the best results and has only our best … Continue reading Day 118: Presence is a Present

Day 117: Positively Charged

I am very grateful for having worked at a bank. The experience had allowed me to make a number of important connections and taught me about a lot of insights of many different fields. Every day I was there to learn something and I enjoyed very much every moment of it. Today I caught up … Continue reading Day 117: Positively Charged

Day 114: Friends Make Life Richer

Helping others like their problems are my own, the result shines brighter and the joy is doubled and tripled. I am lucky to know many decent level headed kind individuals and feel privileged to be able to help them whenever I can with whatever I can.   Thankful for my friends. I can't wait to … Continue reading Day 114: Friends Make Life Richer