6. Too Many Tabs Opened

I keep multiple windows minimized with many tabs opened on each window. I just can't close them. Otherwise I might forget about it and it saves time. I can always hop back on it when I need it. I have several bookmarks and collections of pictures on Pinterest, too. I've been storing them because "I … Continue reading 6. Too Many Tabs Opened

Day 47: A Clean Road After the Storm

My good friend is going through a hard time. I know it is only temporary and he is strong enough to overcome it and use it as a tool to become stronger. I am trying hard to get this message through him and encouraging him every way possible. I will continue to listen and give … Continue reading Day 47: A Clean Road After the Storm

Day 45: Still Have Time To Turn It Around

At one point plastic was a symbol of wealth. It still is for some people. Plastic implied the purchasing power and civilization in many cases. Plastic offers convenience and cost-reduction. Sometimes it is necessary. Even though it is heartwrenching to know that every single plastic we have ever used in our life time STILL exists … Continue reading Day 45: Still Have Time To Turn It Around

Day 44: Budgeting Time

"How to move a mountain: Step 1. Start carrying small stones."   30 minutes of commute, 30 minutes of coffee break and, 60 minutes of lunch break every day... It seems so insignificant, but those two hours a day add up very quickly and become a big chunk of life: 2 hrs a day x … Continue reading Day 44: Budgeting Time

Day 37: Thoughts Become Things

The rules. A bicycle. Pizza. What are they in common? They all used to be just an idea. Someone's thought or even a daydream. But they eventually became real.   Whatever we set our mind on, it WILL become reality - either it's positive or negative. That's why it's very important to know exactly what … Continue reading Day 37: Thoughts Become Things

Day 35: Reset Button

I am amending things with my dad. There have been a few occasions that are not so great and our relationship has been far from ideal. I wanted to fix it and he had reciprocated. I am glad that I still have a chance to change things with him. It has been the opposite of … Continue reading Day 35: Reset Button

Day 31: Relaxation Creates Creativity

I have been trying to use my evening time devoted to my own projects. I have worked 9-5 and studied 6-9 while hitting the gym first thing in the morning everyday for a year before. I've done it successfully and can do it again. Well, sorta. I am still making some progress slowly but surely. … Continue reading Day 31: Relaxation Creates Creativity

Day 18: A Sea of Information

Thanks to Internet, getting information has never been easier. No matter where we are, information about anything in any language is possible to find as long as we have Internet connection. As much as it is such a great blessing, it is also very effortless to get lost in the sea of pouring information. It … Continue reading Day 18: A Sea of Information

Day 16: Lesson

You become what you think. You attract what you feel. You create what you imagine.   How true.   Today has been a lesson because I don't want to waste another good day like today. There have been brief good talks with my brother and a good friend, but other than that today should have … Continue reading Day 16: Lesson

Day 10: Fearless

I used to think that dining alone is terrifying. I got over going to a mall alone pretty quickly, but ordering for one was a lot harder to overcome. It became easier after realizing these: It is not true that everyone will look at me and think that it's pitiful. In fact, the number of … Continue reading Day 10: Fearless