Day 137: Only Think in Opulence

Uncertainty is often scary. We all want security and need to feel safe before anything. When it comes to money, having steady income is what many give up on following their dreams for. Because leaving a job that provides bi-weekly paycheques no matter what means not having the comfort of receiving the money regularly. It … Continue reading Day 137: Only Think in Opulence

Day 91: The Aladdin Factor

I am an avid student of Tony Robbins, Jack Canfiled, Jim Rohn, Tim Ferriss and such. The works of those great minds have brought me so much awakening realization and it has shaped my way of thinking dramatically. Since I have listened to the Aladdin Factor at least five times, I now ask for what … Continue reading Day 91: The Aladdin Factor

Day 75: Fearless For a Reason

So grateful for my brother. I can share any ideas and thoughts with him. He always has the best solutions and remedies for me. Talked to him for three hours today, but I feel like I still have more to say. Whether I need an answer or I need to offload, he is my go-to … Continue reading Day 75: Fearless For a Reason

Day 24: Improving Everyday

It is surprising how much I have changed within past eleven months. Everyone changes over time but I personally changed rapidly and quite drastically inside out.   Now I think differently and feel differently. I certainly react differently now than how I would have a year ago towards the same certain situations. I don't let … Continue reading Day 24: Improving Everyday

Day 10: Fearless

I used to think that dining alone is terrifying. I got over going to a mall alone pretty quickly, but ordering for one was a lot harder to overcome. It became easier after realizing these: It is not true that everyone will look at me and think that it's pitiful. In fact, the number of … Continue reading Day 10: Fearless

Day 4: Running with the Big Dogs

If I am the fastest runner in my group and I keep running with them, will I be running faster next year? If I join a faster group and become the slowest, will it hurt my ability because it hurt my ego? Getting with the big dogs at the beginning is intimidating and even discouraging. … Continue reading Day 4: Running with the Big Dogs