Day 61: I’m the Luckiest Sister in the World

I am very thankful for my mom having been stressing the importance of closeness between siblings to us and raised us to have each others' back no matter what. Having a brother definitely gives me a huge mental boost, especially when hard times hit. He is the person I can offload anything. I am lucky … Continue reading Day 61: I’m the Luckiest Sister in the World

Day 48: Best Things in Life are Free

Family gives me a mix of emotions of Love + Trust + Respect + Honesty + a hint of Vulnerability. Whenever I think about my family, my heart overflows with love. Family motivates me, puts me back on the right track when I get sidetracked, comforts me, fuels me and accepts me unconditionally. Grateful that … Continue reading Day 48: Best Things in Life are Free

Day 40: Family is Everything

When my family is the happiest is also when I am the happiest regardless what situation I'm in. My mom and stepdad are in such a great place being happy and my brother is the happiest I've ever seen since he won the girl of his "dream" and got in a relationship with her. They … Continue reading Day 40: Family is Everything

Day 30: True Happiness

When my mom is healthy and enjoying life, when my brother gets what he worked really hard for, when my family is doing well... that is when I feel the happiest. There was a time when my career was thriving and everything (social and love life) was going the best way possible, but I wasn't … Continue reading Day 30: True Happiness

Day 6: My Power Source

My brother is the most thoughtful human being I know. He is sensitive, detail-oriented, sentimental and imaginative. He is only four years older than me, but as I was growing up, it felt like a huge difference to me. Because of him, boys in my school couldn't tease me and girls wanted to be friends … Continue reading Day 6: My Power Source