Day 129: Understanding Time = Understanding Life

When I was younger, I didn't really think about the value of my time. I have gone out or met someone/people only because I was bored or felt bad to reject. I have shared my stories or listened to others' just to fill the time. Now everything is different to me. My default answer is … Continue reading Day 129: Understanding Time = Understanding Life

Day 124: My Turn

When I was a kid, I had no fear when my mom was near me. She was very gentle and loving, but she was also capable of being invincible and feisty when she needed to protect us. I would like to see more of fire within her lately as she has been going through some … Continue reading Day 124: My Turn

Day 112: Indestructible Yet Tenderest Love

I am very grateful for how close I am to my mom. I can literally talk to her about anything. She understands me inside out and knows me better than I know myself. Sometimes I have hard time explaining how I feel but she just automatically gets it without hearing it. She just naturally knows … Continue reading Day 112: Indestructible Yet Tenderest Love

Day 109: This Time of Year

I visit my family every Christmas. I would love to go see them more often and it has been one of my biggest motivations to become financially independent. Especially, for those times when mum needs me the most...going to a doctor's office for treatments or going through severe physical pains here and there. I would … Continue reading Day 109: This Time of Year

Day 94: Moms Know Best

A young newly married woman was all alone with two babies. Her husband was in Iraq with his business partners for a new venture. Her income was solely relied on small savings and little money he wires from time to time. It was a dark time. She often found herself depressed. One day, she was … Continue reading Day 94: Moms Know Best

Day 75: Fearless For a Reason

So grateful for my brother. I can share any ideas and thoughts with him. He always has the best solutions and remedies for me. Talked to him for three hours today, but I feel like I still have more to say. Whether I need an answer or I need to offload, he is my go-to … Continue reading Day 75: Fearless For a Reason

Day 66: Piano and Nostalgia

Today I played the keyboard for about an hour. I videocalled my mum and she seemed very happy to hear me playing again. I got so rusty that I got frustrated and she totally understood me because she knows how I used to play. Playing the piano always brings me back to my old memories … Continue reading Day 66: Piano and Nostalgia

Day 61: I’m the Luckiest Sister in the World

I am very thankful for my mom having been stressing the importance of closeness between siblings to us and raised us to have each others' back no matter what. Having a brother definitely gives me a huge mental boost, especially when hard times hit. He is the person I can offload anything. I am lucky … Continue reading Day 61: I’m the Luckiest Sister in the World

Day 48: Best Things in Life are Free

Family gives me a mix of emotions of Love + Trust + Respect + Honesty + a hint of Vulnerability. Whenever I think about my family, my heart overflows with love. Family motivates me, puts me back on the right track when I get sidetracked, comforts me, fuels me and accepts me unconditionally. Grateful that … Continue reading Day 48: Best Things in Life are Free

Day 40: Family is Everything

When my family is the happiest is also when I am the happiest regardless what situation I'm in. My mom and stepdad are in such a great place being happy and my brother is the happiest I've ever seen since he won the girl of his "dream" and got in a relationship with her. They … Continue reading Day 40: Family is Everything