Day 6: It’s Always Mutual

  We never thought "common sense" would ever need to be said to be true. But it is happening.     Pure Knowledge that is so necessary to succeed in life, but not commonly taught or even known, is golden. Those are the things that you only get to hear from the good parents.   Meeting … Continue reading Day 6: It’s Always Mutual

Day 132: Fully Recharged

The year of 2016 has been a huge year for me. I have grown in so many directions and learned so many things that I have never knew about before. I have changed. A lot. I think and feel differently. So now I speak and act differently. I would react to the same situation in … Continue reading Day 132: Fully Recharged

Day 131: Heart Balloon

The weather in Vancouver and Calgary has been quite extreme.  Especially Vancouver has been rainy relentlessly for such a long time and now it snowed heavily which is unusual as far as I know. I thought I will never see snow in my address being right next to the seawall, but I guess I should remember to … Continue reading Day 131: Heart Balloon

Day 95: The Truman Show

How true where the focus goes, the energy flows.   Now I understand. I often feel like I must be on my own Truman show. Once I speak about something or have an interest in something, people around me start talking to me about it, people who has it or who are related show up … Continue reading Day 95: The Truman Show

Day 89: Rain is a Good Thing

Rain is a natural phenomenon. It is necessary and inevitable. Either we like it or not, it is going to happen and we need to learn to coexist. And in that case, why don't we enjoy it? We should find a way to make a use of it and benefit from it.   I got … Continue reading Day 89: Rain is a Good Thing

Day 84: Simple Truth Tremendous Impact

Trust the timing of your life. Trust that everything will work out. Trust that all will be taken care of and there is nothing to worry about. Be grateful about everything. Stay current with your inner self. Take time to listen to yourself. Be kind to yourself.   Thankful for the confidence I feel and … Continue reading Day 84: Simple Truth Tremendous Impact

Day 59: Morphing into the Future Me

You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do. In other words, you can only build a reputation on what you have done.   To extend this idea, I think that how to become the person whom you want to be is not only acting like one but also sounding like one … Continue reading Day 59: Morphing into the Future Me

Day 50: We are One

As I get older, I understand more and more about human nature and relationships. Maybe it has nothing to do with my age but the books that I have been reading, but either way now I am more comfortable about myself, my emotions when I meet new people or making conversations. I strongly believe that … Continue reading Day 50: We are One

Day 39: Reading Feeds the Mind

Thankful for all the resources available for our mind to learn and grow. I absolutely love all the books, audiobooks and seminars that have allowed my mind to absorb and expand. There are millions and billions of people out there. But we don't get to meet everyone. There are also many opportunities. But not everyone … Continue reading Day 39: Reading Feeds the Mind

Day 37: Thoughts Become Things

The rules. A bicycle. Pizza. What are they in common? They all used to be just an idea. Someone's thought or even a daydream. But they eventually became real.   Whatever we set our mind on, it WILL become reality - either it's positive or negative. That's why it's very important to know exactly what … Continue reading Day 37: Thoughts Become Things