1. Mobility + Time = Freedom

Now I don't have a fixed address. I have all my belongings with me and I can leave whenever for wherever. It took a huge chunk of time to become this way though. I spent easily over a month to sort my stuff to determine what to keep, what to sell, what to give away … Continue reading 1. Mobility + Time = Freedom

Day 128: Staying Put

We are social animals. We often easily get influenced by others and make impacts on other people's lives by actions and words more than we realize. When we face strong emotions of others, we tend to let it get to us more than we should. Since I am very sympathetic, it is sometimes the hardest … Continue reading Day 128: Staying Put

Day 113: Free Yourself

Take yourself lightly. Be able to laugh at yourself. Let go of unnecessary pride. Harmony always comes first. If you must choose, choose to be kind than right.   When you are passionate about something, you just can't play hard to get.   No more head games and ego competition. Vulnerability creates true bond that … Continue reading Day 113: Free Yourself

Day 92: Bullet Proof Happiness

I truly believe that deep down everyone is a good person. People react and handle situations differently. It is not difficult to find people who make poor decisions and move by wrong motives, but it shouldn't be a reason to lose faith in humanity, because we are all work in progress. We just happen to … Continue reading Day 92: Bullet Proof Happiness

Day 69: Allocating Resources with Caution

Choosing how to spend my time, whom to spend it with and when and how long to spend it has been truly empowering. I used to go out even when I don't feel like it only because it's a weekend, due to the feeling of obligation/boredom or to avoid hurting feelings. But the regret I … Continue reading Day 69: Allocating Resources with Caution

Day 56: Taking Inventory of Myself

Knowing who I am has been truly empowering. It has made me able to remain who I am more comfortably regardless the surroundings. Taking control of my inner peace Now I know clearly about my likes, dislikes, strengths, boundaries, and limitations. I can respect others' inner peace better, because I know where mine sits. Taking … Continue reading Day 56: Taking Inventory of Myself

Day 50: We are One

As I get older, I understand more and more about human nature and relationships. Maybe it has nothing to do with my age but the books that I have been reading, but either way now I am more comfortable about myself, my emotions when I meet new people or making conversations. I strongly believe that … Continue reading Day 50: We are One

Day 3: My Very First Presentation

One day I have come across this question: Would you still do what you do if money wasn't involved?   Well. The time I had encountered with this question was when I was still deep in the rat race (unknowingly) and climbing up the Corporate ladder vigorously. I used to think that if I finally … Continue reading Day 3: My Very First Presentation

Day 2: A Good Conversation Can Heal

No matter how embarrassing or difficult a situation was for you, if you offload on someone you can trust, you will always feel so much better afterwards. By connecting with a friend through a shared story and emotions, you gain strength to overcome. Human connection is powerful. Thank you for a friend who understands me … Continue reading Day 2: A Good Conversation Can Heal