Day 125: Balancing the Happiness Ball

Life is all about balance. It is important to stay motivated and pursue life goals while it is equally essential to remain grateful for what we have now and live in the moment.   If I were to ask myself last year that if I would like to take my current job right now, my … Continue reading Day 125: Balancing the Happiness Ball

Day 110: A Big Bundle of Happiness

The universe sets you up with the best timing for everything, always. When you know exactly what you want and place an order to the universe, you receive exactly that.   My whole life has been always this way, and I just didn't know why I am so lucky, but since I've discovered about the … Continue reading Day 110: A Big Bundle of Happiness

Day 105: Contentment

Where is your happy place?   We are all on our own journey. Everyone is heading towards all different directions at different rates of speed. Once in a while, we need to stop and tune, replenish and rest. It is necessary to last longer and reach further. Reviewing goals & progress and general check up … Continue reading Day 105: Contentment

Day 104: Ready

My absolute favourite days would be productive days. I love being in the zone and putting myself closer towards my goals. Spending time to prep myself for the future is like investing. I spend time but it is not just a lost of time. It returns with benefits just like interests. For that reason plus … Continue reading Day 104: Ready

Day 34: Daily Meeting with the Most Important Person in the World

Reality doesn't determine happiness. It solely depends on a person's attitude and perspective.   Reality is perceived differently to everyone even with the exact same situation. Perception decides what it means to each every person.   Interpretation is crucial. No matter what happened, it is what is going to stay in the mind for good. … Continue reading Day 34: Daily Meeting with the Most Important Person in the World