Day 95: The Truman Show

How true where the focus goes, the energy flows.   Now I understand. I often feel like I must be on my own Truman show. Once I speak about something or have an interest in something, people around me start talking to me about it, people who has it or who are related show up … Continue reading Day 95: The Truman Show

Day 64: Reminder of Limitlessness

Everyone has goals and dreams. Thanks to Internet, all the information about anything is available for free. We just postpone to take actions because we are fearful. What are we so afraid of? Losing, embarrassment, hurting and etc. But they are all imaginary. None of them are happening in reality. Often we know exactly what … Continue reading Day 64: Reminder of Limitlessness

Day 43: Ideas are Everywhere

Let say there were two children watched the same TV show as they grew up. Would they both have experienced the same effect from it? One might have been inspired by acting and wanted to become an actor while the other was intrigued by the plot and started writing stories. Two people walk down the … Continue reading Day 43: Ideas are Everywhere

Day 25: Daily Renewal

"Living in the past causes depression, Living the the future causes anxiety. To be happy, live in the present." My brother and I talked for an hour today about many things including expressing gratitude and living in the moment. He told me a story about 'one cut one kill' in swordsmanship from an old comic. … Continue reading Day 25: Daily Renewal

Day 22: Fully Loaded

Napoleon Hill was waiting for an urgent mail to come. He knew it had arrived and he was determined to get it. The post master who was also his good friend told him that unfortunately he won't be able to receive it today unless he chases the postman down. He obtained the postman's route from … Continue reading Day 22: Fully Loaded