Day 135: Vegan Journey Evaluation

I've gone vegan since February last year. I started initially for my health, but I stayed for animals and nature. One year mark is coming up very soon and I am looking back to review how it has been and how I'm going to do going forward.   Many have asked me how hard it … Continue reading Day 135: Vegan Journey Evaluation

Day 52: Real Beauty Glows From Within

A genuine smile decorates any face nicely. People with kindness, confidence or a sense of humour are attractive regardless the appearance. They can smile the brightest and the biggest with a piece of lettuce in the front teeth while looking still gorgeous. This childlike, untainted honesty often deepens their quality. Youth or beauty has expiry, … Continue reading Day 52: Real Beauty Glows From Within

Day 17: Fair Share

I am private and could be competitive. I tend to keep things to myself. Especially when something is very useful, I keep my audience small and share it only with my family and close friends as if it is a treasure. But being cooperative feels better on my soul than being competitive. Giving always leaves … Continue reading Day 17: Fair Share