6. Too Many Tabs Opened

I keep multiple windows minimized with many tabs opened on each window. I just can't close them. Otherwise I might forget about it and it saves time. I can always hop back on it when I need it. I have several bookmarks and collections of pictures on Pinterest, too. I've been storing them because "I … Continue reading 6. Too Many Tabs Opened

Day 6: It’s Always Mutual

  We never thought "common sense" would ever need to be said to be true. But it is happening.     Pure Knowledge that is so necessary to succeed in life, but not commonly taught or even known, is golden. Those are the things that you only get to hear from the good parents.   Meeting … Continue reading Day 6: It’s Always Mutual

Day 37: Thoughts Become Things

The rules. A bicycle. Pizza. What are they in common? They all used to be just an idea. Someone's thought or even a daydream. But they eventually became real.   Whatever we set our mind on, it WILL become reality - either it's positive or negative. That's why it's very important to know exactly what … Continue reading Day 37: Thoughts Become Things