Day 128: Staying Put

We are social animals. We often easily get influenced by others and make impacts on other people's lives by actions and words more than we realize. When we face strong emotions of others, we tend to let it get to us more than we should. Since I am very sympathetic, it is sometimes the hardest … Continue reading Day 128: Staying Put

Day 119: Writing My Own Price Tag

There are many things that people do and can get away with. They might not be necessarily harmful or damaging anything directly, but they do hurt something. That is Integrity.   I could do something else at work when things are slow, but I look for other things that I could do for work first … Continue reading Day 119: Writing My Own Price Tag

Day 24: Improving Everyday

It is surprising how much I have changed within past eleven months. Everyone changes over time but I personally changed rapidly and quite drastically inside out.   Now I think differently and feel differently. I certainly react differently now than how I would have a year ago towards the same certain situations. I don't let … Continue reading Day 24: Improving Everyday