Day 90: Circle of Life

I am very lucky to have mom like mine. She has taught me and shown me the greatest values since I was little. Not much words were said, and instead she would demonstrate in daily life. I believe that visual learning is the most powerful and lasting way to learn. The real life examples tend … Continue reading Day 90: Circle of Life

Day 52: Real Beauty Glows From Within

A genuine smile decorates any face nicely. People with kindness, confidence or a sense of humour are attractive regardless the appearance. They can smile the brightest and the biggest with a piece of lettuce in the front teeth while looking still gorgeous. This childlike, untainted honesty often deepens their quality. Youth or beauty has expiry, … Continue reading Day 52: Real Beauty Glows From Within

Day 39: Reading Feeds the Mind

Thankful for all the resources available for our mind to learn and grow. I absolutely love all the books, audiobooks and seminars that have allowed my mind to absorb and expand. There are millions and billions of people out there. But we don't get to meet everyone. There are also many opportunities. But not everyone … Continue reading Day 39: Reading Feeds the Mind