Day 6: It’s Always Mutual

  We never thought "common sense" would ever need to be said to be true. But it is happening.     Pure Knowledge that is so necessary to succeed in life, but not commonly taught or even known, is golden. Those are the things that you only get to hear from the good parents.   Meeting … Continue reading Day 6: It’s Always Mutual

Day 123: Counting the Blessings

Thankful for the people around me who have been caring and genuine. Thankful for the mistakes I have made so far which have been humbling, awakening and refreshing. Thankful for the nature I get to live in.  It has been nurturing and breathtakingly beautiful. Thankful for my body that has been such a great place … Continue reading Day 123: Counting the Blessings

Day 97: Evolution Through Experiments and Lessons

Summer of 2012: Eating healthy brings about more than just a healthier body. Since I became more conscious about what I eat, I have become a new person. How I think and feel is different than before. I have a clearer consciousness which allows me to make better decision. I am more in tuned with … Continue reading Day 97: Evolution Through Experiments and Lessons

Day 92: Bullet Proof Happiness

I truly believe that deep down everyone is a good person. People react and handle situations differently. It is not difficult to find people who make poor decisions and move by wrong motives, but it shouldn't be a reason to lose faith in humanity, because we are all work in progress. We just happen to … Continue reading Day 92: Bullet Proof Happiness

Day 25: Daily Renewal

"Living in the past causes depression, Living the the future causes anxiety. To be happy, live in the present." My brother and I talked for an hour today about many things including expressing gratitude and living in the moment. He told me a story about 'one cut one kill' in swordsmanship from an old comic. … Continue reading Day 25: Daily Renewal

Day 3: My Very First Presentation

One day I have come across this question: Would you still do what you do if money wasn't involved?   Well. The time I had encountered with this question was when I was still deep in the rat race (unknowingly) and climbing up the Corporate ladder vigorously. I used to think that if I finally … Continue reading Day 3: My Very First Presentation