Day 135: Vegan Journey Evaluation

I've gone vegan since February last year. I started initially for my health, but I stayed for animals and nature. One year mark is coming up very soon and I am looking back to review how it has been and how I'm going to do going forward.   Many have asked me how hard it … Continue reading Day 135: Vegan Journey Evaluation

Day 130: Beating Heart

Going away for a month to spend time with family. I am lucky that my family has been nothing but supportive and understanding. They have been giving me a total respect for my life decisions and passions. I love them every bit. I can't wait to catch up with them and make great memories.   … Continue reading Day 130: Beating Heart

Day 95: The Truman Show

How true where the focus goes, the energy flows.   Now I understand. I often feel like I must be on my own Truman show. Once I speak about something or have an interest in something, people around me start talking to me about it, people who has it or who are related show up … Continue reading Day 95: The Truman Show

Day 84: Simple Truth Tremendous Impact

Trust the timing of your life. Trust that everything will work out. Trust that all will be taken care of and there is nothing to worry about. Be grateful about everything. Stay current with your inner self. Take time to listen to yourself. Be kind to yourself.   Thankful for the confidence I feel and … Continue reading Day 84: Simple Truth Tremendous Impact

Day 71: Special Ordinary Day

Adding value is a win-win. Going extra miles creates excitement and pride. Being kind puts a smile on the face. Being honest brings out the bond. Taking things lightly eases the mind. Listening always teaches something. Showing gratitude warms the heart. Focusing on the bright side simplifies things for the better. Patience deepens the mind. … Continue reading Day 71: Special Ordinary Day

Day 37: Thoughts Become Things

The rules. A bicycle. Pizza. What are they in common? They all used to be just an idea. Someone's thought or even a daydream. But they eventually became real.   Whatever we set our mind on, it WILL become reality - either it's positive or negative. That's why it's very important to know exactly what … Continue reading Day 37: Thoughts Become Things