Day 133: Transparent Happiness

We more often than we should refrain ourselves from showing affection or expressing appreciation, because we want to save our face or protect ego. In case we don't get the same back in return, we just don't start at all. Is it worth it? I think not. We sometimes miss the timing to apologize as … Continue reading Day 133: Transparent Happiness

Day 131: Heart Balloon

The weather in Vancouver and Calgary has been quite extreme.  Especially Vancouver has been rainy relentlessly for such a long time and now it snowed heavily which is unusual as far as I know. I thought I will never see snow in my address being right next to the seawall, but I guess I should remember to … Continue reading Day 131: Heart Balloon

Day 64: Reminder of Limitlessness

Everyone has goals and dreams. Thanks to Internet, all the information about anything is available for free. We just postpone to take actions because we are fearful. What are we so afraid of? Losing, embarrassment, hurting and etc. But they are all imaginary. None of them are happening in reality. Often we know exactly what … Continue reading Day 64: Reminder of Limitlessness

Day 39: Reading Feeds the Mind

Thankful for all the resources available for our mind to learn and grow. I absolutely love all the books, audiobooks and seminars that have allowed my mind to absorb and expand. There are millions and billions of people out there. But we don't get to meet everyone. There are also many opportunities. But not everyone … Continue reading Day 39: Reading Feeds the Mind

Day 38: Simple Things

Happy to wake up in a healthy body; Happy to count my blessing first thing in the morning; Happy to head to the gym and train my body or also happy to choose to sleep in from time to time and still feeling happy about it; Happy to fuel my body with nutritious food and … Continue reading Day 38: Simple Things

Day 29: The Sea of Resources

This era we are living in is such an abundance of any information we need. On the top of that, we have an ability to ask for whatever we need. I have been listening to the Aladdin Factor and I have learned so much. I have already benefited from it. I simply asked for what … Continue reading Day 29: The Sea of Resources

Day 22: Fully Loaded

Napoleon Hill was waiting for an urgent mail to come. He knew it had arrived and he was determined to get it. The post master who was also his good friend told him that unfortunately he won't be able to receive it today unless he chases the postman down. He obtained the postman's route from … Continue reading Day 22: Fully Loaded