Daily Expressing Gratitude Challenge

18. Youth Fountain

Whoever keeps learning stays young. Either at the age of 16 or 60, who has stopped learning is old. 'Ki' is like water. It has to be flowing. Stale water is dead water. We need to continue refreshing our minds by learning and exploring. New things stimulate our senses and that's when everything in our … Continue reading 18. Youth Fountain

17. Horse and Buggy Days

College used to be the only way to get deeper information and the only access to join a network. Not everyone was willing to pursue further to gain the credential and specialty or able to afford the tuition. So obtaining a college diploma differentiated the diploma holders and a college diploma was being considered as … Continue reading 17. Horse and Buggy Days

16. Reality Shaped by Thoughts

Reality has no shape. It's like water. In the meantime, our thoughts are like a jug or a glass that holds the water and shaped it while holding it. Everyone is different, that's why even if two people had gone through the exact same situation, how they verdicts are totally different. My current situation could … Continue reading 16. Reality Shaped by Thoughts

15. Trimming For Growth

In order to earn more, we need to get over the fear of losing. Downsizing allows us to become lean and results in more growth in the right places. And it counts for growing wealth, human relationships, and even just growing hair. Cleaning up is necessary. Carrying around the unnecessary costs us. It is not … Continue reading 15. Trimming For Growth

14. Ego Must Go

There are many things that we have thought about doing or saying, but didn't do because of our ego. There is a fine line between ego and arrogance, and since everyone's idea of ego and their threshold are different, one attitude can come off totally differently from another. What's the healthy amount of ego that … Continue reading 14. Ego Must Go

13. Daily Renewal

I used to think way ahead and feel anxious about how unprepared I was. It is so true that when we live in the future, it makes us anxious and when we live in the past, it makes us depressed. Since I take my life day by day, things have changed. First, I don't worry … Continue reading 13. Daily Renewal

11. Consistency Rewards with the Power of Compounding

Time is the most important ingredient of anything valuable. A relationship built up over time births a history and it's something can't be bought. It is very priceless and powerful. Time solidifies trust and strengthens values. It also rewards vastly, because consistency takes self-discipline, high focus, and passion. We all know about the power of … Continue reading 11. Consistency Rewards with the Power of Compounding

10. Life Shaped by the Top Value

Every decision we make is based on our values. Almost all of us want to be rich, but only 1% actually possess the wealth. Why is that? Because not everyone values accumulating wealth as the top priority. Wishes and necessity aren't the same after all. After going through the value determination process by John Demartini, … Continue reading 10. Life Shaped by the Top Value

9. Right on Time

Trust the timing the universe hands you. It is always the best timing. We won't be able to understand how it would be at the moment, but we will eventually get to see how perfectly everything was articulated after some time had passed. After all we can only see the shape of the mountain from … Continue reading 9. Right on Time