12. We Just Can’t Fail

There is no such thing as failure, but only lessons and growth. This is such an amazing concept, because it means we don't have to be afraid of failing. We are the only obstacle we put in front of ourselves. The moment we decide not to bring ourselves down with our own negative thinking, we … Continue reading 12. We Just Can’t Fail

11. Consistency Rewards with the Power of Compounding

Time is the most important ingredient of anything valuable. A relationship built up over time births a history and it's something can't be bought. It is very priceless and powerful. Time solidifies trust and strengthens values. It also rewards vastly, because consistency takes self-discipline, high focus, and passion. We all know about the power of … Continue reading 11. Consistency Rewards with the Power of Compounding

Day 136: Breaking out of the Shell

Growth takes place outside of comfort zone. I am very private and more of a listener than a speaker. Also I voice my opinion only when it's required, so it is rare to hear me speaking out loud, especially in front of a crowd. I enjoy listening to Ted Talks and admire the abilities of … Continue reading Day 136: Breaking out of the Shell

Day 133: Transparent Happiness

We more often than we should refrain ourselves from showing affection or expressing appreciation, because we want to save our face or protect ego. In case we don't get the same back in return, we just don't start at all. Is it worth it? I think not. We sometimes miss the timing to apologize as … Continue reading Day 133: Transparent Happiness

Day 127: GPS to My Goal and Happiness

Progress makes happiness. Having a clear goal and measuring the progress by reviewing often create a great sense of happiness and achievement. Knowing exactly where to go gives clarity and gives better ideas of how to get to it which eases stress as well. Measuring the growth shows that we are going somewhere and it … Continue reading Day 127: GPS to My Goal and Happiness