17. Horse and Buggy Days

College used to be the only way to get deeper information and the only access to join a network. Not everyone was willing to pursue further to gain the credential and specialty or able to afford the tuition. So obtaining a college diploma differentiated the diploma holders and a college diploma was being considered as a ticket to success.

Now we have all the information at our finger tips and it’s free and instant. There are so many people who are willing to share and teach what they know and they have real experiences with social proof.

Meanwhile, if we go to college to master in MBA, a big number of instructors actually have never run a business. Can a person who never played or even touched a ball in real life could score because he knows inside out about all the rules and theories?

People are not dumb, especially when they don’t think as a mass group. They do notice stuff. They already have figured it out that 9-5 jobs are not sustainable and college is a money grab. Yet they still continue marching and not showing any signs of stopping. Because they are afraid and comfortable. Unknown is nerve wrecking and making a change means actions are required. So majority keeps going despite what they found out and how they feel.

This world we are living in is truly interesting. Everyone has a unique story and beliefs. How people think and act is a result of our history. I am grateful for what we are given and what we are capable of.



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