16. Reality Shaped by Thoughts

Reality has no shape. It’s like water. In the meantime, our thoughts are like a jug or a glass that holds the water and shaped it while holding it.

Everyone is different, that’s why even if two people had gone through the exact same situation, how they verdicts are totally different.

My current situation could be a dream to someone and could be a nightmare to someone else. My situation to myself feels different depending on my mood, too. Nothing was changed but I had worries yesterday, and I’m hopeful today.

It is crucial to know what we feel because it shapes the “jug”. Our mind doesn’t know what we feel is coming from a real event or imagination. But since our feelings are energy, and energy effects other energy around it, our thoughts have a direct impact on things around us.

That’s why it is important to keep ourselves positive and controlled, because it is how our life is going to be.

I try to always think in opulence and when I feel enough, respected, wanted, and fulfilled, things tend to flow that way, too. I notice things that are aligned with my mindset. I hear and see things that are correlated to how I feel.

Our mindset is a filter of our life.

Reality is a decision.

I decide to live the life that I have in mind. I will regularly review and design my life, so that I do live it the way I projected.


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