15. Trimming For Growth

In order to earn more, we need to get over the fear of losing. Downsizing allows us to become lean and results in more growth in the right places.

And it counts for growing wealth, human relationships, and even just growing hair.

Cleaning up is necessary. Carrying around the unnecessary costs us.

It is not always easy. Trimming people in life could be even painful. We just need to remember why our decision was made that way and how it is going to bring about. Our focus on the end goal in mind is key to overcome any guilt if there is any. In the long run, letting go of someone is often the biggest favour we could do for them, because holding onto a relationship that isn’t fully appreciated ends up hurting more than going separate ways early on. When it makes sense to us, guilt disappear. We just need to dial into our intuition and do what sits well with our gut.

Everything is mutual. Thought are energy and energy can’t be hidden. It doesn’t just disappear. We deep down all know that we are eventually going to face the elephant in the room at some point.

Time waters compounding. Either a good thing or a bad thing, it will grow over time. We need to make action as early as possible for anything. Action is key to anything and everything.

I am grateful and amazed by how accurately and wisely the universe works.

We are where exactly we need to be and everything happens for a reason.

Mother nature is only fair if not generous.


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