14. Ego Must Go

There are many things that we have thought about doing or saying, but didn’t do because of our ego. There is a fine line between ego and arrogance, and since everyone’s idea of ego and their threshold are different, one attitude can come off totally differently from another.

What’s the healthy amount of ego that is acceptable?

Ego should be just enough to support self respect, but not exceed to bother other people’s dignity. Ego usually gets in the way of people getting along or having a momentum in a growing relationship.

I want to be someone who makes others feel good after engaging with me. I value myself and my time so much that I want other people to value highly about the time being spent with me, too. I want the time to be a gift that keeps giving, a good memory that warms the hearts and a nice landmark in their journey.

Having too much ego and protecting the ego prevent from flexibility. If I must choose between being right and kind, I am going to choose to be kind. Because in the end, being kind is always right.

We are all the same. We are humans with the same desires and needs. As long as the base is covered, too much is more of a harm than good. I rather get along than stand higher than everyone. It makes me feel good and others feel good, too. When we let go of ego, we get more respect in return. It works out funny that way, because we often hold onto our ego because we try to preserve respect from others.

I resolve any hard feelings as I notice. The feeling of guilt or regret is debt of mind that no one can afford.

I am thankful that I have let go of my ego and reached out to reconnect with a friend whom I shared good conversations with for the past months. We travelled together and things have gone quite differently than what I’ve expected. We could have lost touch and gone separate ways from here. It would be just fine as we both have lives and we are cool. But I value the time we shared and it has been meaningful. If we just split from here after discovering the difference from what we’ve imagined and how we really were in person, it would be a shame because it’s only a learning process. I want to continue cultivating the friendship we’ve shared. Even though I feel like I could just forget about it and continue focusing on my own thing, I want us to have no hard feelings if there is any. Ultimately, I want to be able to call up and grab coffee anytime with anyone that has come into my life.

Life is so much enjoyable when we decide to become more flexible and have light-mindedness and willingness to have fun.


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