13. Daily Renewal

I used to think way ahead and feel anxious about how unprepared I was. It is so true that when we live in the future, it makes us anxious and when we live in the past, it makes us depressed.

Since I take my life day by day, things have changed.

First, I don’t worry so much any more. I just try to do my best with what I have for what it is now. Whatever I “think” what “could” happen has not happened yet and it is highly likely not going to happen anyway, so I just focus on now and live in the moment.

It has increased the level of appreciation and the quality of emotions that go through my mind. I feel more intensely and I find things that make me smile and happy more easily.

Majority of people work for someone else’s dream and trade time for a sense of security that comes with regular paycheques. One of the reasons is because of those what-ifs. Things that have not happened yet. Things that only exist in the imagination. For the unknown future that can be easily transformed and made the way we cultivate to be. For the retirement. I know exactly how it is, because I was one of them not too long ago. It took some balls and time to get over the FEAR, that is only Fantasized Experience Appearing Real.

A lot can happen within a month. When we live consciously with purpose, a week or even a day is enough to make a life altering changes.

A lot can happen in a month. That alone has made a huge impact in my own life and now I’m no longer afraid. Because it is up to me which direction my life is going to go.

For that I am thankful. So much is happening within a day in my life, but at the same time I am taking my life day by day. It is like multiplying the amount of time I have in hand. I’m grateful and happy.



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